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Our Team

The interdisciplinary team of FINEPRINT consists of researchers covering a wide range of academic disciplines such as social ecology, geoscience, ecological economics, computer science, sociology, environmental engineering and international development.

Stefan Giljum
Stefan GiljumPrincipal investigator
Stefan is the coordinator of FINEPRINT. He has a background in social ecology and ecological economics. Stefan leads Work Stream 3 on fine-scale footprint assessments and coordinates the publication and dissemination activities.
Martin Bruckner
Martin BrucknerMaterial flow and trade analysis
As the leader of Work Stream 2, Martin heads up the development of the spatially-explicit multi-regional material flow model that links material extraction and related impacts with consumption. Martin has an academic background in computer sciences and social ecology.
Mirko Lieber
Mirko LieberGeospatial and statistical assessments
Mirko has his background in environmental management and international development. He establishes the global, spatially explicit material extraction accounts and supports the geospatial and statistical assessments in Work Stream 1.
Hanspeter Wieland
Hanspeter WielandMaterial flow and trade analysis
As part of the Work Stream 2 team, Hanspeter develops global physical input-output and trade models with a particular focus on international trade flows of metal ores and related products. His academic background is in sociology and social ecology.
Stephan Lutter
Stephan LutterData processing and analysis
Stephan supports the Work Stream 1 team and focuses on the assessment of water requirements of raw material extraction, particularly in mining activities. His background is in environmental engineering and natural resource management.