Launch of FINEPRINT repository on GitHub

Open and reproducible science

There is a rapidly growing group of researchers that follows a community-based and open-source paradigm for further developing data bases, models, assessment approaches and options for visualisation of results.

In FINEPRINT, we want to contribute actively to this movement, making available our new developments in terms of algorithms to process the raw data and codes to perform the geospatial assessments and fine-scale footprint calculations. We also aim at publishing all the raw data required to fully reproduce our analyses (given that we do not run into copyright conflicts with commercial data providers).

GitHub as the main platform to share information

In order to pursue this objective, we have created a FINEPRINT repository on GitHub, which is available at

As we proceed with our FINEPRINT research agenda, we will regularly update the GitHub repository, uploading new data sets, models, assessment results and data visualisations.