An Open Database on Global Coal and Metal Mining

The open database on global mining provides a comprehensive collection of mining data, primarily covering physical production data of coal and metal ores on an individual mine level. It includes 1435 individual mines, smelters and mineral refineries, mine-level production for 80 different materials, in the period 2000-2021. Furthermore, it also includes data on mining coordinates, ownership, mineral reserves, mining waste, transportation of mining products, as well as on mineral processing capacities and production.

It is based on manually gathered information from more than 2000 freely available mining company reports. Every data point is linked to its source document, ensuring full transparency.

For more details, see the accompanying Data Descriptor paper in Nature Scientific Data.


Mines and processing facilities covered in the open database on global coal and metal mining can be visualized on a global map in the FINEPRINT Viewer, by checking the box “Open database on global coal and metal mining”.

Production and individual mines can be visualized by clicking the link in the pop-up of a mine in the FINEPRINT Viewer. Additionally, individual mines can be searched directly by name or facility_id at

Download of data and code

The relational database, structured in 12 tables, is available on Zenodo.

The code repository with all processing scripts deployed to create the final database from the primary data gathered from company reports, is available at

Further description of the database can be found in the accompanying Data Descriptor paper in Nature Scientific Data.