Presentation of first pilot extraction maps at EGU 2018

Identifying hot-spots of global raw material extraction

At the European Geosciences Union (EGU) 2018, which took place from 8–13 April 2018 in Vienna, Victor Maus from the FINEPRINT team presented the first pilot maps on global raw material extraction.

The poster contains a global map with ten selected raw materials, i.e. six major agricultural products (wheat, maize, soybean, sugar cane, rice, oil palm) and four metal ores (iron, copper, nickel and gold). In addition, the poster features four hot-spot regions for the extraction of raw materials: Indonesia, South Africa, Chile and Brazil.

A pdf version of the poster can be downloaded here.

Reproducing the global maps via the FINEPRINT GitHub repository

The maps underlying the FINEPRINT poster can be fully reproduced by using the documentation and codes available from the FINEPRINT repository on GitHub: