Spatially explicit modelling of global material flows and related impacts

FINEPRINT develops a new method for assessing global material flows using high geographical resolution. We perform spatially explicit analyses of worldwide raw material flows embodied in products and assess the associated environmental impacts around the globe, addressing issues such as land use change, deforestation and water scarcity.

Speeding up scientific progress through open science


Data, models, codes

We provide full details on source data, codes and final data products from our research. For development and publication of FINEPRINT-related software, we use our GitHub portal. Our data products we publish on platforms such as Zenodo and Pangaea. Click below to access the databases and supply chain models developed in FINEPRINT.


Interactive maps, Sankey tools

In order to visualise the datasets and supply chain models resulting from FINEPRINT research, we develop interactive online tools. These include multi-layer global maps of raw material extraction and related impacts as well as Sankey diagrams to track global supply chains. Click below to access the visualisation tools.


Papers, Briefs

To distribute our results, we use two main types of publications. First, we publish in peer-reviewed, international journals to reach the scientific community. Second, we set up a series of short texts that summarise key results for non-experts. Click below to receive detailed information about the various publications resulting from our research.


Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU)
Institute for Ecological Economics
Welthandelsplatz 1
A-1020 Wien, Austria

Dr. Stefan Giljum (project coordinator)

Email: stefan.giljum@wu.ac.at
Phone: +43 1 31336 5755
Web: www.fineprint.global
GitHub: github.com/fineprint-global
Twitter: @fineprintglobal

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