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Pilot global supply and use table for iron and steel


Pilot global supply and use table for iron and steel  Input-Output Analysis for Sustainable Development Hanspeter Wieland from the trade modelling team of FINEPRINT presented the current state of work regarding the creation of physical supply and use tables for metals at the 11th GWS Input-Output Workshop entitled “Input-Output Analysis for [...]

Pilot global supply and use table for iron and steel2019-04-02T08:48:18+01:00

FINEPRINT @ International Resource Politics Conference


FINEPRINT @ International Resource Politics Conference The FINEPRINT team organised a special session at the 2nd Austrian Conference on International Resource Politics that took place in Innsbruck from 28th of February to 2nd of March. The session was entitled “FINEPRINT: geospatial assessments of the environmental impacts of global resource extraction”. We [...]

FINEPRINT @ International Resource Politics Conference2019-03-05T11:20:10+01:00

FABIO: Food and Agriculture Biomass Input-Output model


Martin Bruckner & Stefan Giljum
This Brief introduces FABIO, a new model that analyses biomass flows and embodied land along global supply chains in 191 countries, covering 130 agriculture and food products in physical and more than 50 industrial products in monetary terms over the last three decades.

FABIO: Food and Agriculture Biomass Input-Output model2019-01-09T16:38:02+01:00

FINEPRINT @ Earth Observation Open Science Conference


FINEPRINT @ Earth Observation Open Science Conference European Space Agency's Φ-week Technologies that are coming together right now provide large computing power and access to a vast range of new satellite sensors. The integration of Big Earth Observation (EO) data brings about vast opportunities to develop novel analytical solutions towards [...]

FINEPRINT @ Earth Observation Open Science Conference2018-11-29T11:09:43+01:00

Creating global mineral extraction maps


Mirko Lieber, Sebastian Luckeneder & Stefan Giljum
For creating raw material extraction maps with world-wide coverage, extraction data from different and often highly heterogeneous sources is used. In this Brief, we describe our methodological approach to achieve highest possible data consistency when elaborating global mining maps.

Creating global mineral extraction maps2019-01-09T16:37:31+01:00

Open science and reproducibility


Victor Maus, Nikolas Kuschnig & Stefan Giljum
With the ongoing reproducibility crisis casting doubts on scientific findings, we follow strict transparency and reproducibility in the FINEPRINT project, applying state-of-the-art, open tools and best practice research guidelines.

Open science and reproducibility2018-12-20T10:20:38+01:00

Launch of FINEPRINT GitHub repository


Launch of FINEPRINT repository on GitHub Open and reproducible science There is a rapidly growing group of researchers that follows a community-based and open-source paradigm for further developing data bases, models, assessment approaches and options for visualisation of results. In FINEPRINT, we want to contribute actively to this movement, making [...]

Launch of FINEPRINT GitHub repository2018-10-26T23:09:30+01:00