FINEPRINT Special Session and Best Poster Award at WRF 2021

This year’s World Resources Forum, entitled “A green deal for sustainable resources”, took place in Switzerland, Ghana and Online from October 12-14.

The FINEPRINT project organised a special scientific session, consisting of five presentations plus two posters that cover the various research areas related to the use of mineral and biomass resources: global environmental impacts and socio-economic consequences of resource extraction as well tracing of commodities and related impacts along global supply chains.

Watch our FINEPRINT session on YouTube:

Best Poster Award won by Stefan Trsek

We are happy to announce the FINEPRINT team member Stefan Trsek has received the “Best Poster Award” for his contribution on developing fine-scale methods for land use footprinting.

Download the award-winning poster here: Mapping the land use footprint of Brazilian soy embodied in international trade

Other FINEPRINT presentations and posters