The lithium dilemma

Philip Fliegel, Marco Göllrich, Maximilien Koepp, Arthur Schweitzer, Martin Bruckner & Stefan Giljum
The push by governments around the world to increasingly electrify the transportation sector has led lithium demand to surge over the past few years. This Brief presents a trade-linked material flow analysis for lithium and an environmental assessment of the water-use impacts related to lithium mining and refinement.

Europe’s expanding non-food bioeconomy is heavily dependent on foreign land areas

Martin Bruckner, Tiina Häyhä, Stefan Giljum, Victor Maus, Günther Fischer, Sylvia Tramberend & Jan Börner
A rapidly growing share of global agricultural areas is devoted to the production of biomass for non-food purposes. The EU plays a major role as a processing and consuming region of cropland-based non-food products while at the same time relying heavily on imports.

Creating global mineral extraction maps

Mirko Lieber, Sebastian Luckeneder & Stefan Giljum
For creating raw material extraction maps with world-wide coverage, extraction data from different and often highly heterogeneous sources is used. In this Brief, we describe our methodological approach to achieve highest possible data consistency when elaborating global mining maps.

Open science and reproducibility

Victor Maus, Nikolas Kuschnig & Stefan Giljum
With the ongoing reproducibility crisis casting doubts on scientific findings, we follow strict transparency and reproducibility in the FINEPRINT project, applying state-of-the-art, open tools and best practice research guidelines.

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